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Abacus Airline Computer Reservation
Course Code : 95015A

The objective is to train students to acquire the skills of using Abacus Reservation System. So that they are able to book the air ticket for passengers
Basic computerized reservation on Abacus
Flight schedules & timetables
Booking file retrieval & modification
Other Information Display
Itinerary & Other information printing

Medium  The course is conducted in Cantonese supplemented by English.
 Notes are supplied in English.
Admission Requirements  1. Form 5 standard
 2. Acceptance is subject to the discretion of HKTT
Duration  7 lessons (Total 21 hours)
Tuition Fee  HK$1,760
Award of Certificate  In order to complete the course and receive certification, students must
 attend at least 80% of the course and pass the assessments.
Remarks  Applicants can enjoy a special offer of $1,599 in enrolling summer class
 by presenting a valid secondary school student card.

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Registration No. : 517992